Smooth…Try Something New [MP3 Album]


Immerse yourself in the sultry tones of “Smooth…Try Something New” by Demo Cates, a soulful journey through jazz-infused landscapes. This 2005 album weaves a narrative of love, reflection, and impassioned plea, highlighted in tracks such as “I’ll Try Something New” and “Ready For Love.” Each song in this 11-track collection offers a different shade of intimacy and introspection, delivered through Cates’ rich, velvety vocals. It’s a perfect accompaniment for those evenings of quiet contemplation or when you’re simply looking to bask in the warmth of smooth melodies.

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  • I’ll Try Something New
  • Just One Kiss
  • A Vow
  • Ready For Love
  • Mon Amie
  • As I Watch You Grow (Little Sunflower)
  • Loves Surpassing Way
  • Tres Veces
  • Peace Is Paradise
  • We Can Play That Thang
  • Oh My Father


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