Singles Pack [MP3 Singles]


Experience the versatile soundscapes of Demo Cates with our exclusive Singles Pack, featuring a selection of his most captivating singles. From the latest soulful saxophone melody in ‘Soon Come’ to the romantic tunes of ‘My Sunshine’ and ‘Lovely Lady,’ this collection is a testament to Cates’ enduring artistry. Relive the stirring rhythms of ‘Shake Down’ and the relaxing vibes of ‘Need to Chill,’ all in one seamless package. Each single stands as a piece of aural history that captures the essence of Demo Cates’ musical journey.

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  • Soon Come (2023)
  • My Sunshine (2022)
  • Lovely Lady (2022)
  • I Love You Still (2021)
  • Believe In (2020)
  • Shake Down (2019)
  • Need to Chill (2019)
  • Get Started (2019)
  • Yielding Hearts (2018)
  • Give Me Your Love (2018)


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