Beautiful As You [MP3 Album]


Step into the world of “Beautiful As You” by Demo Cates, an album that blends soulful melodies with a touch of jazz and romance. Released in 1999, this collection of 12 tracks is a testament to Cates’ versatile vocal talent and musical depth. From the reflective tones of “Mon Amie – Instrumental” to the heartfelt lyrics of “Ready For Love,” each song is a piece of a narrative that speaks to the heart’s deepest emotions. “Beautiful As You,” the title track, stands out as a dedication to timeless beauty and love. This album is a celebration of affection, soul-searching, and the tender moments that connect us all.

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  • Mon Amie – Instrumental
  • Asian Nights
  • Ready For Love
  • Beautiful As You
  • Talk With My Heart
  • No More Tears
  • Be My Wife
  • Underneath The Moon
  • Muchachita
  • Compassion
  • Dianne
  • Just One Kiss


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